Will the “Mancession” Lead to Equal Pay for Men and Women?

Despite the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, women still make only 77 cents for every dollar a man makes…

But, thanks to the “mancession” (as some pundits are dubbing the current recession since it is affecting men much more than women), that gap may be narrowing… but not in a good way.

Since the recession has eliminated more “traditionally male” jobs in construction and high finance, more women are becoming their family’s breadwinner. But that doesn’t mean things are getting better for women… it just means that it’s getting worse for men. Not exactly what women are looking for when they call for equal pay.

All it really means is that families are having to learn how to get by with even less than before.

Go us!

It makes me wonder… were men just really dramatically overpaid before? Now that many couples share the “breadwinning” duties, is it just a simple matter of supply and demand? Too many workers for too few jobs?

Well, obviously during this recession it’s clear that there aren’t enough jobs to go around. But, is this just a harbinger of things to come? Maybe now that women are graduating college at a higher rate than men and women are climbing to the highest positions in Fortune 500 companies, we’ve finally started to achieve a totally over saturated employment market.

And, the only way to solve it is lower wages.

Major suck.

What do you think?