Tales from the House Hunt

As most of you know, I’ve been fully engaged in my search for my first home. I figured, I’ve got some savings, there’s an awesome tax credit and there are some amazing deals out there… what time could be better?

Well, it’s true that there are a lot of amazing deals out there, but there are also a lot of things to watch out for. Here are some of the more unique details I’ve seen in the last month of house-hunting:

1. The Bathroom Jungle Gym: Here’s a tip, homebuilders. It’s not enough to just throw a sink, bathtub and toilet into a room and call it a day. They have to be, shall we say, usable. If you have to climb over the tub to get to the sink or if it’s impossible to actually, you know, sit on the toilet, I’m not going to buy your house.

2. The Magenta Bathtub: One magenta bathtub seems like just an anomaly. But, we’ve actually seen a few in the course of our house hunt. Was there a sale on magenta bathtubs at the local Bathfitters? It’s not a dealbreaker for us, but it’s not exactly the statement I’d like to make with my bathroom.

3. The Discolored Wall: Homebuyers, listen up. If you see an discoloration on any wall, check it out. Most of the time it’s something the homeowner tried, unsuccessfully to cover up. In our case, it was a leak from the upstairs bathroom that had actually softened the wall downstairs. Gross.

4. The Errant Toilet: This one was funny. We were checking out the basement of one house and lined up against the wall were the following, all hooked up and in working order: washer, dryer, laundry sink, and toilet. Which of these is not like the other? I guess that’s for if you’re in the middle of folding clothes and nature calls.

5. The Two-Part Laundry Room: Washer in kitchen. Dryer in sunroom. Why? Who knows?

6. The Bulging Floor: One of the townhouses we walked through had a laminate floor that I’m pretty sure was installed by a drunk. There was at least a 6 inch high bulge in the floor (on both floors), such that when you walked across it, the floor actually waved across the room. Makes you wonder, what else did he install poorly that you can’t see?

7. The Green Wall: Even worse than the soggy wall is the wall that is actually growing mold on it. Time to leave, do not pass go, do not look at rest of house.

For other homeseekers out there, what have you seen in your travels that has surprised you?