The Importance of Second Hand Laptops Under $300 in the Future

second-hands-laptopsA lot of people turn their noses up at the idea of owning a second hand laptop.  Why should I bother with a laptop that someone else has already had their grubby paws on? The reality is that this is a dying mindset, and if you’re serious about getting a laptop under $300 you should think long and hard about your options. Electronic waste is a huge problem facing modern nations due to the habit of simply throwing away old devices instead of putting them to good use.  Four or five years ago this probably would have been a no brainer, but then our good old friend the recession hit – now more than ever is time for people to suck up their pride and realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying pre-owned devices.

There are also more practical constraints besides pure morals – realistically, you aren’t going to find a decent full size 15 inch laptop for under 300 dollars unless you are lucky enough to encounter a great deal at the right place and the right time. This means without considering  the second hand market you are immediately limiting yourself to netbooks laptops with only 10-11 inch displays. There are many online publications offer condensed guides on some of the best refurbished laptops that will help you navigate through all of your options. Examples are eBays refurbished laptop buying guide and PCMags tips. , For some the smaller display and netbook models may not necessarily be a bad thing, but even then the laptops you’ll be getting won’t exactly be the latest and greatest under the sun and a lot of even the most popular brand manufacturers take short cuts in their budget laptop arsenal in order to recoup costs on their brand new products.

Another benefit that is often overlooked are buyer protection programs that leading retailers such as implement for second hand and refurbished laptops. A site called LaptopNinja offer guides on cheap laptops and their sub-$200 articles cover some great refurbished classics. Basically, if you are not happy with the laptop you are eligible to return it for a full refund. This places the risks purely in the hands of sellers instead of the consumer who will be more willing to ensure that the laptops they sell are tested thoroughly for defects and you are a hell of a lot less likely to end up with a defunct laptop. Sure, there might be a tiny scratch here and there, but at the end of the day does that really matter? A lot of people end up buying gear and then needing to resell it for financial reasons (we are living in a recession after all) and there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking advantage of these specials for your own benefit.

In conclusion, while second hand laptop may not be for everyone, it’s clear that they stand to play a much bigger part of the retail market in upcoming years as the worlds economies fight an uphill battle to recovery after the financial market crashes.

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