Fastest Laptops Under $300

Fast laptops can sometimes be hard to come by, but if you are on a budget and you need a laptop with a little more “…umph” it is possible to find somewhat higher performing laptops. The speed of a laptop is measured in megahertz (GHz.), and the best laptops have a rating of 3 or higher. While it is usually not possible to get a laptop of that speed for under $300 it is still possible to get a laptop at a fairly decent speed for $300 and under. There are plenty of laptops available even in the high 1 range for those who need just a little bit more speed.

HP Mini 110 PC

This laptop is very lightweight at 3 pounds and currently retails for just under 300 at $299. The HP Mini is not the fastest laptop compared to more expensive models but does have a fairly decent processor speed at 1.6 GHz. There are models of this size and shape that only have 1.1 GHz as a comparison. This model comes with a 10.1 inch diagonal screen as well. Finally, consider that this model will offer the consumer the ultimate in portability as well.


The Toshiba Mini HB505 has a slightly higher processor speed at 1.66 GHz. Although it still has a relatively small screen at 10.1, this model is also able to deliver a longer lasting battery life. Many proponents claim that the battery lasts even longer than eight hours. Users have reported that this model is able to quickly perform word processing tasks and is generally pleasing for most consumers. This model lists at $290.

Samsung Chromebook 11.6-inch Laptop

This Samsung Chromebook is in many ways the best one on this list because it not only is the fastest but it also has the highest screen at 11.6 inches. The Samsung Chromebook has a faster processor at 1.7 GHz and is able to do most tasks associated with it. Another great benefit for many users of the Samsung Chromebook is that it is very inexpensive at $249.


Although these models are not the fastest examples around, they still deliver decent speed at a decent price. These would make good starter laptops as well.

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