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The Importance of Second Hand Laptops Under $300 in the Future

second-hands-laptopsA lot of people turn their noses up at the idea of owning a second hand laptop.  Why should I bother with a laptop that someone else has already had their grubby paws on? The reality is that this is a dying mindset, and if you’re serious about getting a laptop under $300 you should think long and hard about your options. Electronic waste is a huge problem facing modern nations due to the habit of simply throwing away old devices instead of putting them to good use.  Four or five years ago this probably would have been a no brainer, but then our good old friend the recession hit – now more than ever is time for people to suck up their pride and realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying pre-owned devices.

There are also more practical constraints besides pure morals – realistically, you aren’t going to find a decent full size 15 inch laptop for under 300 dollars unless you are lucky enough to encounter a great deal at the right place and the right time. This means without considering  the second hand market you are immediately limiting yourself to netbooks laptops with only 10-11 inch displays. There are also sites such as LaptopNinja which offer condensed guides on some of the best refurbished laptops under $300 that will help you navigate through all of your options. For some the smaller display and netbook models may not necessarily be a bad thing, but even then the laptops you’ll be getting won’t exactly be the latest and greatest under the sun and a lot of even the most popular brand manufacturers take short cuts in their budget laptop arsenal in order to recoup costs on their brand new products.

Another benefit that is often overlooked are buyer protection programs that leading retailers such as Amazon.com implement for second hand and refurbished laptops. Basically, if you are not happy with the laptop you are eligible to return it for a full refund. This places the risks purely in the hands of sellers instead of the consumer who will be more willing to ensure that the laptops they sell are tested thoroughly for defects and you are a hell of a lot less likely to end up with a defunct laptop. Sure, there might be a tiny scratch here and there, but at the end of the day does that really matter? A lot of people end up buying gear and then needing to resell it for financial reasons (we are living in a recession after all) and there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking advantage of these specials for your own benefit.

In conclusion, while second hand laptop may not be for everyone, it’s clear that they stand to play a much bigger part of the retail market in upcoming years as the worlds economies fight an uphill battle to recovery after the financial market crashes.

Managing Expectations with a Laptop Under $400

Gold-macbookLet’s be realistic – when searching for anything one a budget one can’t expect the best of the best. ‘You get whet you pay’ for is a saying that generally golds true in most situations (unless you are getting ripped off which is a different story) but that’s not to say you can’t find a laptop under $400 that can meet all of your basic computing needs without leaving a gaping hole in your pocket.

The key here is expectation – you need to know what you’re looking for so that A. you can find the best deal possible and B. you don’t end with a laptop completely at odds with what you needed computer for in the first place. If course it’s not all black and white either – some users need laptops for work, others simply want a portable entertainment machine they can take on holiday with them. Some people require the use of intensive applications such as Photoshop, whilst others will probably never push their machine past a few open browser windows. Luckily there are guides available by sites such as LaptopNinja that can help point you in the right direction, with condensed and up to date lists of popular models of laptops under $400 as well as in various other price ranges.

If you are a student or plan on using your laptop mainly for work, then you should expect an 10-11 inch netbook with a high level of portability. Specs will usually include a dual core processor (Intel or AMD) and 2-4GB of RAM. If you are more of a heavy user and find yourself with a lot of browser windows / applications open at the same time then as much RAM as possible is advisable. Graphics wise the on-board Intel graphics available with most modern netbooks should suit your needs just fine. You may also want to consider a Google Chromebook as a potential option, though keep in mind you will be limited to only web based applications. Google has an excellent repertoire of apps available, though some users feel Google docs still has some limitations when compared to MS Word despite the benefits of being entirely hosted online.

If you are a part time gamer or enjoy watching a lot of series (and don’t have a TV in your room) then you’ll more than likely want to go for a 15 inch model. These sacrifice portability and battery life for a larger display and in some cases slightly slower specs, though the opposite can also be true.  If gaming is a key factor for you then you’ll want to look out for a laptop with a mobile Radeon graphics card and at least 4GB of RAM – an AMD processor is most likely your best bet as otherwise prices may rise above your $400 target mark. These aren’t too hard to come luckily if you look hard enough.

In conclusion one can expect a surprising amount of bang for your buck in the modern laptop market, but be realistic with yourself and if you feel that none of the laptops on offer do yourself justice then rather wait it out until you can afford something better.

Refurbished Laptops Under $300

There are many laptops that an individual can purchase for under the $300 mark. First of all, consider that there are many “refurbished” laptops that an individual can purchase for a thrifty price of even under $300. This list is far from exhaustive, but there are many bargains to be had in various corners of the web and the purpose of this article is to help you find them. Here is a list of some of the better refurbished laptops for your money: Read More…

Gaming Laptops Under $400

Most gaming laptops are very expensive. If you can find gaming laptops under 400 dollars, then you are getting a good deal. Consoles are also chosen by the average consumer when it comes to platform gaming. But if you want to experience the true quality that a game has to offer, then PC gaming is the right choice. Desktops are great too when it comes to gaming. But sometimes having a portable laptop is an essential factor for traveling pros. If you are looking to take your game mobile, there are some gaming laptops that you can check out. Read More…

Buying A Laptop Under $300 Online

Buying a laptop under $300 is a great deal. These days a laptop is a necessary need for any person. It can be essential for a student, a business owner, or an employee. Being able to afford a laptop these days is a big deal. There are so many top brands offering their best mini laptops priced at about $300. For people who cannot afford expensive laptops, this is great news. Laptops that are usually under $300 are generally between ten and eleven inches. They are mostly known as netbooks. They might not be able to replace a desktop computer, but they can be great for using fundamental computer features such as movies, music, typing, project work, surfing the internet, and more. Read More…

Fastest Laptops Under $300

Fast laptops can sometimes be hard to come by, but if you are on a budget and you need a laptop with a little more “…umph” it is possible to find somewhat higher performing laptops. The speed of a laptop is measured in megahertz (GHz.), and the best laptops have a rating of 3 or higher. While it is usually not possible to get a laptop of that speed for under $300 it is still possible to get a laptop at a fairly decent speed for $300 and under. There are plenty of laptops available even in the high 1 range for those who need just a little bit more speed. Read More…

Cheap Student Laptops Under 300 Dollars

Being a student can be hard work and doing it all in notebooks can be impossible. Having a laptop can make all of the work much easier. Getting student laptops under $300 on a budget is not as hard as one may think. What some people do not realize is you do not need to have best laptop on the market to be able to be an effective student. All you need is something that will last and not slow you down.

When looking for student laptops that will not bankrupt you, keep in mind that it does not need to be the best laptop out there. Having a laptop that will get the student through their school year(s) is all that is needed. Being a student means you need to be able to do a few things. Use the internet, and have some type of word processor. All laptops have the capability of doing those two things but some do them faster than others. Read More…

Finding the Best Netbook Laptop Under $300 to Suits Your Needs

Looking for a laptop for purely entertainment purposes? Why not consider getting a netbook instead?Although smaller than traditional laptops, netbooks are gaining mainstream popularity. They offer many of the same web surfing capabilities of a regular laptop mixed with many of the portability benefits that tablets offer.They are very affordable and lightweight; many versions weigh less than 3 pounds.

These mini-laptops do not come with all the bells and whistles of regular laptops,but they do offer many of the same features and abilities. For example, many netbooks lack the memory, DVD drives and big screens of regular laptops and they are not for the user that wants to create content. However, these ingenious little machines are perfect for reading articles, surfing the web, and chatting for with friends and family members over the internet. Read More…